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If you have not been to our farm before this is what you can expect:
~Our season typically starts mid-July to mid-August give or take a week or two depending on the weather.
~On busy days someone will be out showing you where to park your car.
~We have 1 acre (about 1,000) blueberry bushes containing 4 different varieties.
~Buckets lined with bags will be ready for you. No need to bring containers.
~When you come in someone will direct you as to where to pick.
~A Honey Bucket is available for your convenience.
~The field is completely fenced in so little ones can run and explore.
~Historically, our busiest day is the first day so if you want to avoid the crowd wait until after the first picking.
~Berries are most plentiful around the end of July and our BIGGEST berries (Chandler variety) are available in August.
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