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Frequently Asked Questions
Who is "Bompa"?
Bompa is another name for Grandpa. Bompa (Fred Bigej) is the patriarch of the family and owns the property. He is a spry 98 year old man with 4 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren. Make sure you say "hi" if you see him on the farm!

How long have you been open?
Bompa let the grandsons (Troy and Aaron) start a blueberry farm on an acre of his property. We planted most of our blueberry bushes in 2005. We started selling to a small group of friends and family in 2007. Since then, our bushes have grown and so has our customer base.

What variety of berries do you have?
Earliblues, Chandler, Blueray, and Torro. We picked these varieties because they ripen at different times during the summer. Some are better for cooking and freezing, but all are great for eating! Let us know what kind of berry you are looking for and we will lead you in the right direction.

Can I bring my dog?
We love dogs, but please keep them at home.

Are you family friendly?
YES! You will most likely see our little ones "helping" us run the farm. Our blueberries are completely fenced in so feel free to let your little ones run and explore.

Can I bring my own containers?
We prefer that you use our containers. When you arrive, you will see buckets lined with a plastic bags. Our scale is balanced to OUR buckets. It just makes things run smoother if you use our buckets. Feel free to transfer them to  your own containers after they have been weighed.
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